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Forensic Screening for Drugs in Urine Using High-Resolution MS/MS Spectra and Simplified High-Performance Screening Software Be the first to rate this application

forensic screening for drugs urine using highresolution msms spectra simplified highperformance screening software


Forensic toxicologists need an economical solution to screen for a virtually unlimited number of compounds in urine. Here we present a method for screening using a dilute-and-shoot approach with the Q Exactive Focus mass spectrometer and Thermo Scientific ToxFinder software. For forensic use only.
Market: Forensics; Toxicology
Keywords: drugs of abuse, screening, Forensic Toxicology, Q Exactive Focus, ToxFinder
Matrix: Urine
Author: Marta Kozak, Kristine Van Natta
Affiliation: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Uploaded on 10/31/2016.