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Related substances analysis of sulfamethoxazole using a C8 HPLC column as per EP 8.0 monograph method

Instrument Type: HPLC

The Thermo Scientific Dionex UltiMate 3000 LC system is applied for the related substances analysis of Sulfamethoxazole. The analysis was performed on a Thermo Scientific Syncronis C8 HPLC column using the method described in the EP-8.0 monograph. The results obtained for peak resolution and relative retention times exceeded the criteria stated in the EP. Resolution between sulfamethoxazole and Impurity-A was 5.7 (EP criteria of not less than 3.5).

Forensic Screening for Drugs in Urine Using High-Resolution MS/MS Spectra and Simplified High-Performance Screening Software

Instrument Type: LCMSMS

Forensic toxicologists need an economical solution to screen for a virtually unlimited number of compounds in urine. Here we present a method for screening using a dilute-and-shoot approach with the Q Exactive Focus mass spectrometer and Thermo Scientific ToxFinder software. For forensic use only.

AN1081: Automated Solid-Phase Extraction of Triclosan in Tap Water Using Hydrophilic Reversed-Phase Cartridges and HPLC with UV Detection

Instrument Type: HPLC

In this application note, triclosan-contaminated samples of tap water were simulated by adding known amounts of triclosan-containing liquid hand soap to Sunnyvale tap water. The Dionex AutoTrace 280 instrument along with the high-surface-area, hydrophilic, reversed-phase cartridges were used to concentrate triclosan. The contents of the cartridge eluent were then separated on a reversed phase column using HPLC with UV detection.

Quantitative and Semi-Quantitative Determination of PPCPs and Their By-Products in Wastewater by Orbitrap MS

Instrument Type: LCMS

Pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) and endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) detected in surface and drinking waters, as well as in treated wastewater. They are an issue of increasing international attention due to potential environmental impacts. We developed an analytical method capable of determining PPCPs and their by-products in wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) samples. This workflow was applied in a survey of 35 permeate samples obtained from a pilot anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR).

Analysis of (Fluoro)quinolones in Honey with Online Sample Extraction and LC-MS/MS

Instrument Type: LCMSMS

Quinolones, including fluoroquinolones, are a group of synthetic antibacterial compounds used in the treatment of several diseases. The presence of these compounds is an indication of unsafe practices of food production and deficient methods in the production of honey. We developed a sensitive and reproducible LC-MS/MS method for the quantitation of 12 fluoroquinolones and 4 quinolones in honey using automated extraction by TurboFlow technology as an alternative to the commonly used, time-consuming solid-phase extraction (SPE) method.