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Quantitative and Semi-Quantitative Determination of PPCPs and Their By-Products in Wastewater by Orbitrap MS Be the first to rate this application

quantitative semiquantitative determination ppcps their byproducts wastewater by orbitrap ms


Pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) and endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) detected in surface and drinking waters, as well as in treated wastewater. They are an issue of increasing international attention due to potential environmental impacts. We developed an analytical method capable of determining PPCPs and their by-products in wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) samples. This workflow was applied in a survey of 35 permeate samples obtained from a pilot anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR).
Market: Environmental
Keywords: Pharmaceuticals, Environmental analysis, Accurate mass, personal care products, Orbitrap, Exactive Plus, high-resolution mass spectrometry, Endocrine disruptor
Matrix: Wastewater
Author: T. V. Nguyen, R. Farnood, P. Yang, S. Kleywegt, S. Tabe, V. Pileggi, J. Beck, C. Yang, M. Bromirski and D. Ghosh
Affiliation: Dept of Chem Engineering and Applied Chemistry, U of Toronto-Ontario, Canada; Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change-Ontario, Canada; Thermo Fisher Scientific
Uploaded on 3/15/2016.

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