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AN269: Identification and Quantification at ppb Levels of Common Cations and Amines by IC-MS Be the first to rate this application

an269 identification quantification at ppb levels common cations amines by icms


The work shown here demonstrates the use of IC-MS for the determination of six commonly found cations and selected amines on an IonPac CS12A-5µm column. Confirmatory information was obtained using full-scan MS spectra showing positively charged cation species and characteristic adduct patterns. Quantification was achieved using selected ion monitoring (SIM) acquisitions for each target analyte.
Market: Environmental
Keywords: RFIC, amines, ammonium, Calcium, cations, DEA, diethylamine, IC, IC-MS, IonPac CS12A column, magnesium, methylamine, MMA, monomethylamine, potassium, saline, SIM, sodium, TMA, trimethylamine, water, IonPac CS12A-5µm column
Matrix: Bottled deep sea water
Uploaded on 6/11/2015.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.