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AU126: Determination of Diethanolamine and Triethanolamine in Surface Finishing, Wastewater and Scrubber Solutions

Instrument Type: IC

Alkanolamines are important in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and petroleum industries. Their analysis is also important in metal surface finishing and in wastewater effluents. Ion chromatography (IC) works particularly well for separations of alkanolamines. This application update describes the use of the OmniPac PAX-500 column with Pulsed Amperometric Detection (PAD) to measure alkanolamines.

AN269: Identification and Quantification at ppb Levels of Common Cations and Amines by IC-MS

Instrument Type: ICMS

The work shown here demonstrates the use of IC-MS for the determination of six commonly found cations and selected amines on an IonPac CS12A-5µm column. Confirmatory information was obtained using full-scan MS spectra showing positively charged cation species and characteristic adduct patterns. Quantification was achieved using selected ion monitoring (SIM) acquisitions for each target analyte.