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Trace Anion Analysis in Ultrapure Water Using an Electrolytic Water Purifier with a Compact Ion Chromatography System: 50 ppt Standard Be the first to rate this application


Determinations of trace anions in ultrapure water are important to the electronics industry. In this record, determinations of ng/L (ppt) anions using large volume concentration are made possible by the Electrolytic Water Purifier(EWP) and AutoPrep modules. Calibration standards are prepared using the AutoPrep large and small loops and EWP-purified water diluent, thereby increasing sensitivity by eliminating sources of contamination. The trace anions are separated on an IonPac AS17-C column designed to improve low level sulfate determinations using a Dionex Integrion compact IC system.
Market: Other
Keywords: Electrolytic water purifier, Formate, ppb, Reagent Free Ion Chromatography, HPIC, fluoride, Nitrate, RFIC, trace anions, Nitrite, Chloride, IonPac AS17-C, Acetate, Sulfate, Suppressed Conductivity, ultra pure water, Phosphate, carbonate removal device, Reagent Free IC, Bromide, carbonate removal, Integrion, AutoPrep, EWP, ppt, Integrion HPIC, Integrion RFIC, CRD 300, Ultrapure water
Matrix: Ultra pure water
Author: Terri Christison and Daniel Khor
Affiliation: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Uploaded on 1/26/2016.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.