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AN222: Determination of Parts-Per-Trillion Concentrations of Strontium by Pre-Concentration with Ion Chromatography and Suppressed Conductivity Detection Be the first to rate this application

an222 determination partspertrillion concentrations strontium by preconcentration with ion chromatography suppressed conductivity detection


Radioactive isotopes of strontium (90Sr and 89Sr isotopes) are byproducts of nuclear power plant reactions. 90Sr monitoring is needed because 90Sr can displace calcium in bones and teeth, resulting in long term exposure and subsequent increased cancer risk. Ion-exchange chromatography can be used to focus and isolate 90Sr from other isotopes that interfere with accurate scintillation determinations. Here ng/L of non-radioactive Sr as a retention time marker for 90Sr is pre-concentrated, then separated on an IonPac CS12A column, and detected by suppressed conductivity.
Market: Environmental
Keywords: ammonium, Diethylamine, dimethylamine, Magnesium, Nuclear Power Plant, Potassium, Dionex IonPac CS12A-5μm column, Reagent-Free Ion Chromatography, cations, fast IC, NPP, strontium, RFIC, Sodium, Trimethylamine, Calcium, radioactive isotope, 90Sr, 89Sr, strontium radioactive isotopes
Matrix: Pure water
Author: Terri Christison, Brian De Borba, and Jeff Rohrer
Uploaded on 4/10/2015.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.