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TN72264: HPAE-PAD N-linked Oligosaccharide Profiling of IgG Be the first to rate this application


This technical note reports an HPAE-PAD method to profile IgG N-linked oligosaccharides and N-linked high-mannose type oligosaccharides that are atypical for human polyclonal IgG but sometimes found on mAbs. This HPAE-PAD method is orthogonal to other oligosaccharide methods applied to IgG. More information on the development and application of the separation described in the technical note can be found in Rohrer, et al. as referenced in the document.
Market: BioPharma
Keywords: Biotherapeutics, Electrochemical detection, Monoclonal antibody, recombinant glycoprotein, glycan analysis, CarboPac PA200, mAb, Ion chromatograhy, Glycan, TN71, TN110, TN 20, TN 70671, TN20, TN70671
Matrix: DI water
Author: Sachin Patil, Deanna Hurum, Lipika Basumallick, and Jeff Rohrer
Affiliation: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Uploaded on 4/10/2017.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.