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CAN77204: Determination of Formic and Acetic Acids in Petroleum Products by Ion Chromatography Be the first to rate this application

acetate formate diesel fuel


Organic acids in crude oil, fuel, etc., are one of the biggest concerns of the oil, oil refining, and car manufacturing industries. Because of their corrosive properties and the associated costs of corrosion, organic acids have become a topic of great industrial interest. Ion chromatography (IC) can be used for the determination of low molecular weight organic acids in aqueous or water-miscible matrices. This application note summarizes the use and evaluation of an automated IC method for the direct determination of acetate and formate in diesel, oil, and diesel/oil mixtures.
Market: Energy
Keywords: Eluent Generation, Formate, IonPac UTAC-LP1, Online sample preparation, petroleum, IonPac AS11-HC column, RFIC, IC, Acetate, Gasoline, ICS-2100
Matrix: Diesel, Diesel/oil mixtures
Author: Joachim Trick1, Cornelia Wanner1, Cees Bruggink2, Detlef Jensen2
Affiliation: 1- Daimler AG Stuttgart Germany 2- Thermo Fisher Scientific
Uploaded on 11/30/2016.