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CAN77204: Determination of Formic and Acetic Acids in Petroleum Products by Ion Chromatography

Instrument Type: IC

Organic acids in crude oil, fuel, etc., are one of the biggest concerns of the oil, oil refining, and car manufacturing industries. Because of their corrosive properties and the associated costs of corrosion, organic acids have become a topic of great industrial interest. Ion chromatography (IC) can be used for the determination of low molecular weight organic acids in aqueous or water-miscible matrices. This application note summarizes the use and evaluation of an automated IC method for the direct determination of acetate and formate in diesel, oil, and diesel/oil mixtures.

淋洗液在线发生 - 离子色谱法 - 脉冲安培 检测蒸馏白酒中氰化物

Instrument Type: IC

氰化物拥有令人生畏的毒性,是严重危害食品安全 的剧毒化合物,但其却广泛存在于自然界。典型如木薯、 杏等植物中均存在与糖分子结合以含氰糖苷形式存在的氰 化物。而木薯则是酒精工业的良好原料,以木薯或野生植 物酿制的酒,研究发现其氰化物含量均较高[1],因而氰化 物也成为白酒的一项重要安全检测指标。我国在相应国标 《食品安全国家标准 蒸馏酒及其配制酒》(GB2757-2012)[2] 中规定氰化物指标均按100%酒精度折算时,白酒中氰化 物应小于8 mg/L(以HCN计算)。 目前,国内检测白酒中氰化物含量的国家标准方法为 比色法,其必须经过蒸馏步骤,且常存在浑浊现象而严重 干扰测定结果[3]。此外还有采用气相色谱法,但是该方法 操作非常繁琐,虽无需蒸馏但需要经过复杂处理将氰化物 转化为溴化氰再进行检测[4]。本文旨在建立一套离子色谱 检测白酒中氰化物的简单方法,借助于离子交换色谱柱的 分离能力减少样品基体对于氰化物结果的干扰。

AB105: Anions and Organic Acids in Wood Extracts

Instrument Type: IC

This application demonstrates the analysis of inorganic anions and anions of organic acids in waste liquor from wood extracts. The sample matrix and the contaminant were removed from the components of interest using an IonPac NG1 column as an additional guard column. This application requires an autosampler equipped with 10-port valve. With this configuration, IonPac NG1 column is placed in line with the analytical column, while a second column rinsed in counter flow direction with acetonitrile/water, followed by a conditioning step using sodium hydroxide.

AB104: Determination of 32 Low Molecular Mass Organic Acids in Biomass by Ion Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

Instrument Type: ICMS

Low Molecular Mass Organic Acids (LMMOAs) are degradation products during pretreatment processes for biofuel production that are known to inhibit microbial fermentation processes, thus reduce the conversion efficiency of biomass to biofuels. To understand and optimize the conversion process, an IC/MS method to quantitate LMMOA profiles during biofuel production was developed. The IC/MS method is useful in separating and profiling close eluters using the power of high performance anion exchange chromatography coupled with multiple SIM scans to identify over 30 compounds in a single run.

AU178: A Faster Solution with Increased Resolution for Determining Chromatographic Identity and Absence of OSCS in Heparin Sodium

Instrument Type: IC

Here, an improved method for resolving DS and OSCS in heparin with an IonPac AS11-HC (2 × 250 mm) column is demonstrated, which is similar to the US FDA method previously described. AU178 updates Application Note 235. The higher capacity of the IonPac AS11-HC column, relative to the IonPac AS11 column described in the current USP method, minimizes the possibility of column overload and provides improved resolution between DS and heparin. The microbore column format reduces eluent consumption and hence the time and labor required for manual eluent preparation.