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High Resolution LC-MS for Screening and Quantitative Analysis of Antibiotics in Drinking Water Using an Orbitrap and Online Sample Preparation Be the first to rate this application

high resolution lcms for screening quantitative analysis antibiotics drinking water using an orbitrap online sample preparation


Most current methodologies for the quantitation of antibiotics in drinking water revolve around analysis using triple stage quadrupole platforms with offline sample preparation. This is a proven technique for the analysis of many contaminants in various types of water samples, but the offline sample preparation steps are time-consuming and prone to operator error and reproducibility problems. We demonstrate the ability to directly inject the water sample without any offline preconcentration. We utilize LC-MS with a Thermo Scientific Exactive Plus Orbitrap MS using HR/AM.
Market: Food and Beverage
Keywords: Water analysis, Accela UHPLC, Exactive Plus Orbitrap MS, Online sample prep, High Resolution Accurate Mass (HR/AM)
Matrix: Water
Author: Jonathan Beck, Charles Yang, Dipankar Ghosh, and Kristi Akervik
Affiliation: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Uploaded on 3/24/2016.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.