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AN1142: Determination of Aluminum in OTC Pharmaceutical Products Be the first to rate this application


Aluminum-containing compounds are used extensively in cosmetics, prescription pharmaceuticals, and OTC drug products. In this application note, we report the validation of an IC method for the determination of aluminum in OTC formulations using a Dionex IonPac CS10 analytical column and postcolumn derivatization with Tiron, followed by UV absorbance detection at 310 nm. The method was evaluated in terms of linearity, precision, accuracy, ruggedness, and limit of quantitation for aluminum. The method was evaluated with antacids and deodorants. An ICS-6000 can be used for this application.
Market: Pharma
Keywords: Antacids, UV Absorbance, Aluminum, Postcolumn derivatization, Dionex IonPac CS10 Column, Dionex ICS-5000+ Reagent-Free HPIC System, Antiperspirants, Tiron, OTC formulations, Pharmaceutical products, aluminum chloride, Aluminum chlorohydrate, ICS-6000
Matrix: Antacids, Deodorants
Author: Manali Aggrawal, Jeff Rohrer
Affiliation: Thermo Fisher Sientific
Uploaded on 10/21/2015.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.