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A pre-concentration and on-line solid phase extraction setup for the LC-MS analysis of therapeutic protein mixtures

Instrument Type: LCMS

This study shows a fully automated UHPLC setup applying a simple and efficient online solid phase extraction method. Showcase assay performance by using a column cartridge for sample trapping and a Thermo Scientific™ MAbPac™ RP column for separation with water/acetonitrile-based gradients. Leverage the new technologies such as the Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ UHPLC platform in combination with the Thermo Scientific™ Q Exactive™ HF Hybrid Quadrupole Orbitrap mass spectrometer.

AU137: Determination of Trace Lithium in Industrial Process Waters

Instrument Type: IC

In a variety of situations, carryover from one body of water to another is measured by monitoring a tracer compound. Lithium is a good choice for a tracer because it is very soluble and has a low background concentration in public water supplies. This Application Update describes a rapid and sensitive ion chromatographic method for the determination of trace lithium using a microbore IonPac CS12A column.

AN170: Determination of Silicate in High-Purity Water Using Ion Chromatography and Online Sample Preparation.

Instrument Type: IC

The water used in the manufacture of semiconductors and other electronic components must be extremely pure, referred to as ultra high-purity water (UHPW). The production of UHPW includes deionization to remove corrosive strong acid anions. Deionization cartridges exhaust their capacity over time. To ensure the early recognition of cartridge depletion, silicate must be detected at concentrations lower than 1 μg/L. These low detections limits can be achieved by pre concentrating UHPW on a Dionex IonPac AG4A-SC column, then separating the concentrated sample on a Dionex IonPac AS17 column set.

AN161: Determination of Metal Cyanide Complexes by Ion Chromatography with On-Line Sample Preconcentration and UV Absorbance Detection.

Instrument Type: IC

In this application note, an improved IC method is described for the determination of metal cyanide complexes in environmental waters. The metal cyanide complexes of silver, gold, copper, nickel, iron, and cobalt are separated on an anion-exchange column and quantified by measuring their absorbance at 215 nm. Sensitivity for most of the metal cyanide complexes is improved by over two orders of magnitude, compared to a direct injection, by preconcentrating metal cyanide complexes from a large sample volume onto a trap column before separation.

AN153: Monitoring for Trace Anion Contamination in the Extracts of Electronic Components.

Instrument Type: IC

This application note focuses on the determination of ionic contamination of disk drive components. A comprehensive anion analysis of drive components prior to manufacturing can significantly reduce the incidence of corrosion and head-to-disk interface failures. The anions most routinely monitored are fluoride, chloride, bromide, nitrate, sulfate, and phosphate. High-volume direct injection and preconcentration are the two methods used to increase IC sensitivity. This note describes the use of these approaches to determine trace anion contaminants in extracts of disk drive components.