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A rapid ibuprofen USP assay method

Instrument Type: UHPLC

To demonstrate practical approaches that can be used to significantly improve throughput of the ibuprofen USP assay monograph keeping to the spirit o USP-NF Chapter <621> guidelines while maintaining USP quality acceptance criteria. To then take this optimized assay monograph and reduce analysis time even further.

Trace analysis of pharmaceuticals and organic contaminants in water

Instrument Type: LCMSMS

We present the reliable and accurate quantitative analysis of contaminants at the pg/mL level in drinking water using the Thermo Scientific EQuan MAX Plus LC-MS system coupled to the Thermo Scientific TSQ Endura triple quadrupole mass spectrometer. Excellent reproducibility was shown for the target compounds in tap water using 1 mL injections at 0.37× maximum effluent concentration.

Quantitation of 122 Drugs in Urine by Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry

Instrument Type: LCMSMS

Forensic toxicologists face an ever-expanding list of compounds for analysis. This note presents work done using a next-generation triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with fast SRM acquisition speed for quantitation of 122 analytes in a single chromatographic run, where scan speed does not impact sensitivity or quantitative performance. Compounds analyzed include opiates, opioids, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, amphetamines, tricyclic antidepressants, illicit compounds, and more. For forensic use only.

Validated Method for the Determination of Phenylbutazone in Horse Meat with LC-MS/MS

Instrument Type: LCMSMS

Phenylbutazone (bute, PBT) is one of the most widely used (non-steroidal) anti-inflammatory (NSAiD) and painkiller drug for dogs and horses. Horse meat is still widely used for human consumption in some European countries. For those animals marked for human consumption, a limited number of medicines can be administered. A newly developed LC-MS/MS method for the determination of PBT in horse meat with LC-MS/MS is described here. The method was validated in-house and its applicability for routine testing was tested following the European legislation requirements.

EP 8.0 monograph - impurity analysis of mefenamic acid using a C18 HPLC column

Instrument Type: HPLC

The Thermo Scientific Dionex UltiMate 3000 LC system is applied for the analysis of mefenamic acid and its impurities. The separation was performed on a Thermo Scientific Hypersil GOLD column using the method described in the EP 8.0 monograph. Resolution between impurity C and impurity D in reference solution (b) was 4.5 (exceeding EP criteria of minimum 3.0). Retention time of mefenamic Acid was 8.16 minutes (meeting EP criteria of about 8 minutes). Relative retention time criteria was also exceeded.