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AN344: Extraction of Fat from Chocolate Using Accelerated Solvent Extraction

Instrument Type: Automated Sample Prep

Accelerated solvent extraction is a proven technique that speeds up the gravimetric fat determination of chocolate products and greatly reduces the amount of solvent used.This Application Update expands the work performed in Thermo Scientific Application Note 344 by using the Dionex ASE 350 system and Thermo Scientific™ Rocket™ Evaporator. The Dionex ASE 350 system has replaced the Dionex ASE 200 system. The Rocket Evaporator eliminates the need for cumbersome nitrogen stream evaporation.

AN337: Extraction of Lipids and Polychlorinated Biphenyls from Fish Tissue in a Single Run Using Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE)

Instrument Type: Automated Sample Prep

ASE is an automated extraction technique that uses traditional liquid solvents at elevated pressure and temperature. The extraction is performed at temperatures higher than the atmospheric pressure boiling point of the solvent. High temperature substantially increases solvation kinetics and the high pressure ensures that the solvent remains a liquid. This application note provides full details of the extraction parameters and a comparison of ASE and Soxhlet extraction results.

Essential Lipidomics Experiments Using the LTQ Orbitrap Hybrid Mass Spectrometer

Instrument Type: LCMSMS

We tested the performance of a novel mass spectrometer, the Thermo Scientific LTQ Orbitrap, in a multitude of different applications in the field of lipidomics. The experiments presented here take advantage of the LTQ Orbitrap capabilities of multiple stage fragmentation, high resolution and mass accuracy to solve challenges of quantitating isomeric glycerophospholipids, resolving isobaric species, and elucidating fragmentation pathways and compositional assignment of various lipid species.

Comparative analysis of cooking oils using a solid core HPLC column

Instrument Type: HPLC-CAD

The use of Thermo Scientific Accucore C30 HPLC columns for the characterization of different cooking oils is demonstrated. The C30 phase offers greater selectivity and resolution of minor components when compared to the C18 phase.

Enhanced resolution of polyunsaturated lipids in a nutritional supplement by HPLC-CAD

Instrument Type: HPLC-CAD

The Thermo Scientific UltiMate 3000 HPLC system is applied for the analysis of polyunsaturated lipids in a nutritional supplement. The separation is performed on a Thermo Scientific Accucore C30 HPLC column, with charged aerosol detection (CAD).