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Determination of Halogens and Sulfate in Liquid Petroleum Gas Using Combustion Ion Chromatography

Instrument Type: IC

In this application, Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) samples were combusted in the Mitsubishi AQF-2100H system and then fluoride, chloride, and sulfate were determined using the Dionex ICS-2100 Ion Chromatography system with a Dionex IonPac AS15 anion-exchange column set.

AN1155: Determination of Chloride in Infant Formula and Adult Nutritionals

Instrument Type: IC

This application note shows an ion chromatography (IC) determination of chloride in 19 SPIFAN (AOAC Stakeholder Panel on Infant Formula and Adult Nutritionals) matrices. The results show that the method fulfills the SPIFAN standard method performance requirements (SMPRs). Repeatability, recovery, linearity, limit of detection, and limit of quantification were determined according to the chloride AOAC SMPR4 and AOAC Single Lab Validation guidelines. An ICS-6000 can be used for this application.


Instrument Type: IC

氟是人体必需的元素之一,广泛存在于自然界中。我国疆域宽广,不同 地域内地质构造差异明显,水质、土壤乃至种植作物中氟离子的含量也因此 呈现出地域差异。氟虽然对人体有益,但并非多多益善,经研究表明[1-4]过多 摄入氟,可干扰骨代谢乃至引发人全身性中毒,肌体内各组织器官都会受到 一定程度的损害,且氟不易通过代谢排除体外。为此,GB 2762-2005《食品 中污染物限量》规定粮食中氟离子的含量不得高于1 mg/kg(大米、面粉)或 1.5 mg/kg(其它)[5];GB/T 5749-2006《生活饮用水卫生标准》中规定饮用 水中氟离子的含量不得高于1 mg/L[6]。酒水类作为人类餐桌上的必备,其质量 安全理应得到重点监控。侯晓燕[7]等建立了氟离子选择性电极法测定啤酒中 氟离子含量的方法,但经过多重发酵工艺酿成的啤酒样品基质不能被有效掩 蔽,直接造就了部分检测结果偏高的现象。 为此,本文探索建立了梯度淋洗-抑制电导检测啤酒中氟的离子色谱方 法,啤酒样品只需进行简单前处理后,采用对氟离子有特殊选择性的高效阴 离子交换分离柱IonPac AS15进行分离即实现了氟离子与啤酒样品基体完全分 离,保证了氟离子的准确定量。

TN48 (Method 2): Determination of Trace Anions in High-Purity Water by High-Volume Direct Injection with Online Eluent Generation

Instrument Type: IC

This note describes the use of the eluent generator with the high-volume direct-injection technique to determine trace anions in high-purity waters. The ability to generate high-purity and carbonate-free eluents on-line improves performance for trace-level analysis. Retention time reproducibility is improved, especially for early-eluting species. The baseline shift from the hydroxide gradient is significantly reduced. Two columns are described: the 2-mm IonPac AS11 & 2-mm AS15. Common inorganic anions and low molecular weight organic acids are determined below μg/L levels in less than 35 min.

AB125: Determination of Trace Levels of Inorganic Anions in High-Purity Water Using Capillary Ion Chromatography

Instrument Type: IC

Converting IC methods from analytical to capillary scale provides user with advantages. For example, the system can be left on and ready to run samples, the capillary eluent generation cartridge (EGC) lasts much longer. This application demonstrates the measurement of trace levels of ionic impurities in water using capillary ion chromatography with the Dionex IonPac AS15 column. This is critical for the identification and prevention of corrosive conditions in many power plant components.