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AN72481: Trace Anions by Single Pass AutoNeutralization and Ion Chromatography (IC): Anions in 5% NaOH Be the first to rate this application


Trace anions determinations in caustic solutions require high dilution to minimize column overload by the caustic sample. However, the high dilutions required prevent analysis of trace anionic contaminants. Here a single pass approach to neutralize the base sample is demonstrated using both suppressors run in recycle mode. The run time was reduced from 45 min in the previous version of this application, AN 93 using “Park and AutoNeutralize” to 12 min. This application is demonstrated on a 5% (w/w) sodium hydroxide sample. An ICS-6000 can be used for this application.
Market: Chemical
Keywords: AutoNeutralization, caustic, fluoride, anions, RFIC, Anion exchange chromatography, trace anions, IC, Chloride, phosphate, Sulfate, semiconductor, Bromide, ICS-5000+ IC system, IonPac AS18-4µm column, IonPac AS28-4µm column, AN93, electronic chemicals, ICS-6000, AN 72481, AN72481
Matrix: 5% (w/w) NaOH, Caustic
Author: Soon Fatt Lee, Aaron Rose, Terri Christison, and Jeff Rohrer
Affiliation: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Uploaded on 8/4/2017.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.