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Comparison of two reversed-phase columns for the analysis of tryptic digests of proteins Be the first to rate this application

comparison two reversedphase columns for analysis tryptic digests proteins


The Thermo Scientific UltiMate 3000 RSLC system is applied for the analysis of tryptic digests of proteins. The separation is performed on Thermo Scientific Acclaim RSLC C18 and Acclaim RSLC PolarAdvantage II 2.2µm columns, with UV detection at 210 nm.
Market: BioPharma
Keywords: Acclaim RSLC C18, Acclaim RSLC PolarAdvantage II, Bovine serum albumin, HPLC, Protein, Tryptic digest, UV detection
Matrix: Bovine serum albumin
Uploaded on 5/4/2015.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.