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AU72197 : Determination of Tobramycin Using HPAE-IPAD on a Compact IC System: 20 µM tobramycin

Instrument Type: IC

Tobramycin is an important aminoglycoside antibiotic used in ophthalmic and intravenous treatments to treat bacterial infections by blocking protein synthesis.[1] Determinations of tobramycin, kanamycin and other aminoglycoside antibiotics have been previously demonstrated by HPAE-IPAD since 2004.[2–6] This document updates Thermo Scientific™ Application Note 61 using a highpressure-capable Dionex Integrion HPIC system equipped with updated EG technology and an electrochemical detector.

AN61: Determination of Tobramycin and Impurities Using HPAE-PAD

Instrument Type: IC

In this application note, we combine the CarboPac PA1, eluent generator with CR-ATC, and disposable Au working electrodes to demonstrate an improved HPAE-PAD technology for tobramycin purity analysis.

AN267: Analysis of the Aminoglycoside Antibiotics Kanamycin and Amikacin Matches USP Requirements

Instrument Type: IC

The work shown here evaluates the HPAE-PAD assay method described in the USP monographs for kanamycin and amikacin8,9 and describes a revised HPAE-PAD method using a Dionex CarboPac™ MA1 column and disposable Au-on-polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) working electrodes for the analysis of kanamycin and amikacin. The described method provides good sensitivity, high sample throughput, and retention time reproducibility for kanamycin and amikacin.