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AN247 (a): Determination of Morpholine, Ethanolamine, and Hydrazine in Simulated Nuclear Power Plant Wastewater

Instrument Type: IC

This Application Note describes the determination of μg/L concentrations of hydrazine, morpholine, and ethanolamine (ETA) in a simulated NPP wastewater sample containing mg/L concentrations of common cations. Morpholine and hydrazine are separated using an IonPac CS16 column with electrolytically generated methanesulfonic acid eluent. See AN 247 (b) for ETA separation on an IonPac CS15 column.

AN170: Determination of Silicate in High-Purity Water Using Ion Chromatography and Online Sample Preparation.

Instrument Type: IC

The water used in the manufacture of semiconductors and other electronic components must be extremely pure, referred to as ultra high-purity water (UHPW). The production of UHPW includes deionization to remove corrosive strong acid anions. Deionization cartridges exhaust their capacity over time. To ensure the early recognition of cartridge depletion, silicate must be detected at concentrations lower than 1 μg/L. These low detections limits can be achieved by pre concentrating UHPW on a Dionex IonPac AG4A-SC column, then separating the concentrated sample on a Dionex IonPac AS17 column set.

AN162: Determination of Nucleotides by Ion Chromatography with UV Absorbance Detection.

Instrument Type: IC

The purpose of this application note is to provide a simple and direct assay of nucleotides and deoxynucleotides in amplification cocktails used for PCR, rolling circle amplifications, DNA and RNA polymerase reactions, and reverse-transcriptase reactions. Nucleotides are separated by anion exchange on the DNAPac PA100 column using gradient elution and detected by absorbance at 260 nm. Resolution of these components provides a means to assay their quality and help identify causes of amplification failure.

AN277: Fast and Sensitive Determination of Transition Metals in Power Industry Waters Using Ion Chromatography

Instrument Type: IC

This study describes the separation of iron (III), copper (II), nickel (II), and zinc (II) complexes with PDCA followed by postcolumn PAR reaction and absorbance detection at 530 nm. Surrogate samples include spiked deionized (DI) water (Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) surrogate) and spiked borated water containing lithium hydroxide with or without added zinc (Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) surrogates).