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AN1078: Rapid Separation of Benzenesulfonate in Amlodipine Besylate by High-Pressure IC

Instrument Type: IC

As a part of this application, a Dionex IonPac AS18-4 μm Analytical column (2×150 mm) was evaluated for the determination of benzenesulfonate in amlodipine besylate, to increase sample throughput. This column uses the same ion-exchange chemistry as the IonPac AS18 column described in this study but with smaller substrate particles. The smaller particle size provides higher peak efficiencies and improved resolution. This and the Dionex ICS-5000+ HPIC system allow higher flow rates to be used that produce faster run times and increased productivity. An ICS-6000 can be used for this application.

AN1078: Determination of Benzenesulfonic Acid Counterion in Amlodipine Besylate by Ion Chromatography

Instrument Type: IC

This study demonstrates the determination of benzenesulfonate in amlodipine besylate using an electrolytically generated potassium hydroxide eluent with a hydroxide-selective Dionex IonPac AS18 anion exchange column and suppressed conductivity detection. This method provides a simple and reliable approach to determine the counter ion in the drug substance.

UHPLC Method Development for Simultanous Determination of Antihypertensive Combination Agents

Instrument Type: UHPLC

The current trend in antihypertensiion therapy is the medication with several antihypertension agents in a single pill. Here eluent switching capabilities of the Thermo Scientific Vanquish Binary pump H are applied to develop a UHPLC method for simultanous determination of antihypertensive combination agents on a Thermo Scientific Accucore Vanquish C18+ column by scouting different eluent combinations.

Fast and Easy HPLC Method Development: Application of an Automated Method Scouting System for the Separation of Hypertension Drug Formulation

Instrument Type: UHPLC

The Automated Method Scouting Solution with Chromeleon CDS 7.2 allows an efficient screening of methods. The user-friendly solution requires no manual interaction and runs unattended. By applying the Custom Injection Variables the needed instrument methods for altering chromatographic conditions is decreased to a minimum. Easy generation of a method scouting sequence is provided by a dedicated eWorkflow which already contains Custom Injection Variables and related instrument methods. Predefined test case criteria and queries help to extract the most promising methods.

Rapid screening method for statins using an advanced solid core UHPLC column and system combination

Instrument Type: UHPLC

Demonstration of the advantages of using the Thermo Scientific Accucore Vanquish C18+, 1.5 μm column and Thermo Scientific Vanquish UHPLC system for the fast analysis of statins. The advanced capabilities of the Vanquish UHPLC system allow the Accucore Vanquish columns to be operated at high flow rates that enable development of rapid analytical methods while maintaining high performance.