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Determining Nitrosamines Using GC-MS/MS with Electron Ionization

Instrument Type: GCMSMS

The highly sensitive TSQ Duo triple quadrupole mass spectrometer can analyze nitrosamines in EI mode. Using automatic selected reaction monitoring (AutoSRM) software to fully optimize the choice of transitions and collision energies, equivalent detection limits by EPA method can be achieved without using a large volume injection.

Analysis of Alkylphenols Using GC-MS/MS and Automated SRM Development

Instrument Type: GCMSMS

This application describes the analysis of alkylphenol compounds in food and environmental matrices, illustrating the productivity and high-quality results from the Thermo Scientific TSQ DUO Triple Quadrupole MS system with automated selected reaction monitoring (SRM) development. AutoSRM was used as useful tool for automated MRM method development and maintenance, delivering an optimized method without tedious and laborious procedures. The Chromeleon CDS software offers excellent processing options for data reviewing, including ion ratio checks and reporting.

Increasing Productivity in FAMEs Analysis through Increased Selectivity

Instrument Type: GCMSMS

In this work, the performance of the Thermo Scientific TSQ Duo system is assessed for the quantitative analysis of 11 FAMEs in human blood spot extracts. The TSQ Duo system offers analysts a unique choice by allowing the use of single quadrupole methods and enabling the automatic transition to triple quadrupole on the same system. This application note illustrates the stepwise process of upgrading methods from single quadrupole to triple quadrupole using Chromeleon CDS software.