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Concentration of patulin and hydroxymethylfurfural in apple juice using in-line SPE Be the first to rate this application

concentration patulin hydroxymethylfurfural apple juice using inline spe


Patulin and hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) are both weakly hydrophobic, neutral compounds, and co-elute on many reversed-phase columns. Fruit juice is a complex matrix, so some form of sample cleanup is necessary. In this work, in-line solid phase extraction is performed. The Thermo Scientific Acclaim Mixed-Mode WCX-1 permits organic acids and phenolics to wash out by ion exclusion well ahead of the HMF and patulin (which co-elute on this column). The auxiliary valve transfers the analytes to the Acclaim C30 column that provides excellent resolution of these two substances.
Market: Food and Beverage
Keywords: Acclaim C30, Acclaim Mixed-Mode WCX-1, Apple juice, HPLC, hydroxymethylfurfural, Patulin, SPE, UV detection
Matrix: Apple juice
Uploaded on 5/8/2014.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.