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Bulk Substance Analysis Using DART Source Coupled to LTQ XL Ion Trap and Q Exactive Focus Mass Spectrometers Be the first to rate this application

bulk substance analysis using dart source coupled ltq xl ion trap q exactive focus mass spectrometers


Forensic laboratories perform bulk substance identification to support investigations in cases involving possession, trafficking, and manufacturing of illicit drugs. A variety of analytical techniques can be used, but mass spectrometry provides methodologies that produce rapid and confident results. We evaluated two analytical workflows using a DART (Direct Analysis in Real Time) ion source coupled to a LTQ XL ion trap mass spectrometer and a Q Exactive Focus hybrid quadrupole- Orbitrap MS. Pharmaceutical pills were analyzed to demonstrate method performance. For forensic use only.
Market: Forensics; Toxicology
Keywords: Forensic, DART, Orbitrap, bulk substance, Ion Trap
Matrix: Bulk substances
Author: Marta Kozak, Mari Prieto Conaway, Kristine Van Natta
Affiliation: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Uploaded on 10/10/2016.