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A Strategy for an Unknown Screening Approach on Environmental Samples Using HRAM Mass Spectrometry Be the first to rate this application

a strategy for an unknown screening approach on environmental samples using hram mass spectrometry


The analysis of food and environmental samples for contaminants by LC-MS has become a quick and cost-effective routine application when run in a targeted fashion, but this method disregards events or circumstances not taken into account beforehand. We describe a method by one data set can serve for routine high throughput quantitative analysis and for versatile non-targeted investigations in a highly automated manner.
Market: Environmental
Keywords: Accela HPLC, HRAM, Exactive Plus MS, Automated Solid Phase Extraction (SPE), Surface water analysis
Matrix: Surface water
Author: Olaf Scheibner, Patrizia van Baar, Florian Wode, Uwe Dünnbier, Kristi Akervik, Jamie Humphrie, Maciej Bromirski
Affiliation: Berliner Wasserbetriebe - Germany; Thermo Fisher Scientific
Uploaded on 3/28/2016.

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