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AN55: Determination of Metal Cyanides Be the first to rate this application

metal cyanides


Transition metal cyanides typically exist in solution as the anionic cyanometallates, M (CN)x^n-. Since these complexes are very stable (formation constants being as high as 10^35 for Fe (CN)6^4-), they may be separated by anion exchange chromatography. Cyano complexes of most of the transition metals absorb low-wavelength ultraviolet light, making detection at 215 nm a convenient method of determination. Also refer to AN161 and AU147 for an updated method.
Market: Material Science
Keywords: Copper Plating Bath, IonPac AS5 column, Metal Cyanides, Anionic Cyannometallates, Copper Cyanide, Nickel Cyanide, Silver Cyanide, Ag(CN)2-, Au(CN)2n-, Cu(CN)32-, Ni(CN)42-, Fe(CN)64-, Pd(CN)42-, Co(CN)63-, Pt(CN)42-, Cyano transition metal complexes, Mining leach solution
Matrix: Metal finishing samples, Mining samples
Uploaded on 3/24/2015.

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