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AU138: Determination of Ethanolamines in Industrial Waters by Cation-Exchange Chromatography

Instrument Type: IC

Ion chromatography has been successfully used to determine amines in a variety of chemical, petrochemical, and environmental samples. However, analysis of some samples can be hampered by large concentrations of one or more amines, making the determination of trace concentrations of other amines and cations difficult. The selectivity of the IonPac CS11 column with an methanesulfonic acid eluent addresses many of these challenging analyses. This AU describes the setup and performance of this method. In this record we provide the consumables to update this method with eluent generation.

AN183: Determination of Biogenic Amines in Fermented and Non-Fermented Foods Using Ion Chromatography with Suppressed Conductivity & Integrated Pulsed Amperometric Detections.

Instrument Type: IC

The IonPac CS18, a polymeric weak acid cationexchange column, was used to separate biogenic amines in a variety of fermented and non-fermented food samples, with detection by IPAD, suppressed conductivity, and UV. The described method uses a simple electrolytically generated MSA eluent without requiring the use of solvents or aggressive eluent systems that have previously been reported. In addition, the method results in good precision and recovery over a wide range of sample matrices and avoids the need for complex and long derivatization procedures.

AN106: Ion Chromatography in the Pharmaceutical Industry (Cations)

Instrument Type: IC

Ion Chromatography is a simple and accurate technique for the analysis and quantification of charged species. This application note describes the use of ion exchange chromatography and ion exclusion chromatography in the pharmaceutical industry for the analysis of ions in ingredients and final products. The topic of cleaning validation is also discussed as it applies to charged species. Here shows the separation of six standard cations by cation exchange chromatography using the IonPac CS12A column with suppressed conductivity detection. This method can also be run with a RFIC system.