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Label-Free Profiling of mAb O-linked Glycans by HPLC with Charged Aerosol Detection

Instrument Type: HPLC-CAD

O-glycans released by reductive ß-elimination to preserve structural integrity can be quantitatively measured by a simple direct method that minimizes sample manipulation and cleanup. Released glycans are separated with high resolution by charge, size and polarity on a mixed mode column employing both ion exchange and HILIC separation modes, using a simple, mass spectrometry compatible mobile phase.<enter final 90 characters of description>

Direct Determination of Existent Chloride and Sulfate in Denatured Ethanol Samples Using a Compact Ion Chromatography System

Instrument Type: IC

This method shows the direct determination of existent chloride and sulfate in denatured ethanol samples, previously published in Application Update 194. In this record, the method is executed on an Integrion IC system.