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Analyzing Phenolic Pollutants in Water Using U-HPLC

Instrument Type: UHPLC

Phenolic compounds are of particular environmental importance due to their relatively high toxicity at low levels and their presence in environmental waters and organic matter, following degradation of a range of industrial products such as pesticides and herbicides, as well as naturally occurring humic substances and tannins. We demonstrate analysis optimization by variation of column chemistry, and the viability of reducing stationary phase particle size to significantly increase analysis speed, while maintaining separation parameters and increasing sensitivity.

Determination of Chlorophenols in Water according to US EPA Method 528

Instrument Type: GCMS

The application provides a complete analytical workflow for the GC-MS analysis of phenolic compounds in water according to the EPA 528 guideline. The method includes all the steps required to collect, prepare and analyze samples. The extraction and purification of the analytes have been achieved with the Thermo Scientific Dionex AutoTrace 280 SPE for complete unattended operations.

Analysis of BTEX and Chlorinated Compounds in Water via a Dual Detector Configuration Gas Chromatograph

Instrument Type: GC

The application describes the determination of water pollutants as volatile aromatics and chlorinated hydrocarbons through a dual detector configuration of the Trace1310 GC, using the FID for the quantitation of the aromatic hydrocarbons and a more selective ECD for the quantitation of the halogenated compounds. A double detector configuration allows the simultaneous analysis of both classes of compounds, thanks to a post-column splitting of the effluents to the two detectors. A dedicated Dual Detector Kit has been used to guarantee inertness of the sample path and no dead volumes.

Improved analysis of water pollutants by LC-MS

Instrument Type: LCMS

The Thermo Scientific HPLC system is applied for the analysis of water pollutants. The separation is performed on a Thermo Scientific Hypercarb column, with MS detection.