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AN1108: Comparison of Soxhlet and Accelerated Solvent Extraction for Leachable and Extractable Analysis of Packing Material

Instrument Type: HPLC

This application note compares Soxhlet and accelerated solvent extraction techniques in packing material extractable studies. A polypropylene pill bottle and a transdermal patch pouch were extracted with 2-propanol and n-hexane using the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ ASE™ 350 Accelerated Solvent Extractor system and Soxhlet, respectively. The extracts were analyzed using a Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ UltiMate™ 3000 HPLC system coupled with a Thermo Scientific™ Q Exactive™ Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap™ Mass spectrometer.

Determination of Halogens and Sulfur in a Polyethylene Standard Reference Material by Combustion Ion Chromatography

Instrument Type: IC

Polyethylene (PE) is widely used for containers, packaging material, etc. Because halogen compounds are often used as additives, it is important to know the halogen content when disposing or recycling PE products. By using a combustion ion chromatography (CIC) system consisting of the automatic quick furnace AQF-2100H and an ICS-1600 ion chromatograph, the concentrations of halogens and sulfur can be determined accurately and quickly.

Static Headspace Analysis of Residual Solvents in Flexible Packaging and Quantitation with Multiple Headspace Extraction Following EN 13628-1:2002

Instrument Type: GC

Goal of this application is to demonstrate the applicability of a modern, high-throughput valve-and-loop static headspace autosampler to obtain full compliance with the European Standard EN 13628-1, which specifies guidelines for the quantitative determination of residual solvents in flexible packaging by Multiple Headspace Extraction methodology. The Thermo Scientific Trace1310 GC coupled with the Triplus300 HS have been used for this purpose.