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AN317: Extraction of BNAs (Bases, Neutrals, and Acids) Using Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE)

Instrument Type: Automated Sample Prep

The procedures described in this application note meet the requirements for sample extraction as determined by U.S. EPA Method 3545. This method is applicable to the extraction of water-insoluble or slightly water-soluble volatile and semivolatile compounds in preparation for gas chromatographic or GC/MS measurement. This method is applicable to soils, clays, wastes, and sediments containing 250–12,500 μg/kg of BNA compounds.

AN360: Rapid Determination of Azo Dyes in Textiles Using ASE and HPLC with MS and UV Detection

Instrument Type: HPLC

Azo dyes are used widely in the manufacture of various consumer goods such as leather, textiles, plastics, paper, hair care products, and cosmetics. The EU enacted European Parliament Directive 2006/61/EC, prohibiting the manufacture and sale of consumer goods containing certain aromatic amines originating from specific azo dyes. This application note describes methods for extraction of textile samples using ASE, along with the analytical methods for the determination of 22 aromatic amines, some of which are specified in the Parliament Directive.

LC separation of benzidines in EPA 8270 using a Thermo Scientific Acclaim Polar Advantage HPLC column

Instrument Type: HPLC

The LC separation of benzidines in EPA 8270 was performed using a Thermo Scientific Acclaim Polar Advantage (PA) 5 µm column with UV detection.


Instrument Type: GC

采用国标方法、气相色谱质谱联用仪检测的技术,建立了测定24种芳香胺的GC-MS方法。方法的灵敏度高,24种芳香胺检出限分别为0.01,0.02,01,0.2 μg/mL,在1.0、5.0 mg/L两个添加水平下,回收率为78~113%。该方法对偶氮测定具有灵敏、准确、线性范围宽等优点,可满足纺织品中芳香胺类物质的检测需要。

High-throughput analysis of phenylenediamines using Thermo Scientific Acclaim RSLC PolarAdvantage HPLC column by OSHA-87 method

Instrument Type: UHPLC

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a standard method (OSHA-87) for measuring exposure to aerosols that uses HPLC to identify and determine phenyleneaminies. The Thermo Scientific Acclaim RSLC PolarAdvantage column provides a high-throughput and high-resolution method, allowing a significant increase in analytical productivity compared to the reference method.