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Static Headspace Analysis of Residual Solvents in Flexible Packaging and Quantitation with Multiple Headspace Extraction Following EN 13628-1:2002

Instrument Type: GC

Goal of this application is to demonstrate the applicability of a modern, high-throughput valve-and-loop static headspace autosampler to obtain full compliance with the European Standard EN 13628-1, which specifies guidelines for the quantitative determination of residual solvents in flexible packaging by Multiple Headspace Extraction methodology. The Thermo Scientific Trace1310 GC coupled with the Triplus300 HS have been used for this purpose.

加速溶剂萃取- 气质联用法测定PM2.5 中的多环芳烃

Instrument Type: GCMS

本文采用加速溶剂萃取- 气质联用法(ASE-GC/MS)测定PM2.5 中的多环芳烃,样品前处理只需要20min 即可完成,无须经过繁琐的人工前处理过程,与传统的索氏提取相比, 加速溶剂萃取不仅时间消耗少, 试剂消耗量少, 并且操作简单, 回收率高。同时,ISQ 单四极杆质谱为检测多环芳烃提供超高的灵敏度、检出限,能够满足PM2.5 中痕量的PAHs 的检测需求。

Separation of phenol and its chlorinated derivatives using reversed-phase HPLC-UV

Instrument Type: HPLC

The testing here shows the advantages of using the Thermo Scientific Dionex UltiMate 3000 system with the Thermo Scientific Accucore aQ 2.6 µm column for the separation of phenol and its chlorinated derivatives with UV detection at 270 nm and a total run time of 25 minutes.