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A rapid ibuprofen USP assay method

Instrument Type: UHPLC

To demonstrate practical approaches that can be used to significantly improve throughput of the ibuprofen USP assay monograph keeping to the spirit o USP-NF Chapter <621> guidelines while maintaining USP quality acceptance criteria. To then take this optimized assay monograph and reduce analysis time even further.

A Sensitive and Efficient Method to Analyze THC and THCCOOH in Oral Fluid Using LC-MS/MS in Forensic Toxicology Laboratories

Instrument Type: LCMSMS

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) lists delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) as the only target analyte for detection of cannabis use in oral fluid at 2 ng/mL confirmation cutoff concentration. In this study, we developed a sensitive and efficient method for simultaneous determination of THC and THCCOOH in OF. Both analytes were extracted using a simple and fast SPE method without pre-conditioning, evaporation, or reconstitution. THCCOOH was detected with high sensitivity (LOQ 10 pg/mL), and no derivatization procedure was required. For forensic use only.

Rapid Screening Method for Veterinary Antibiotics Using an Advanced Solid Core UHPLC Column and UHPLC System with MS/MS Detection

Instrument Type: LCMSMS

There is increasing demand to provide rapid and selective screening techniques for a wide range of antibiotic drugs. Their abuse as a feed supplement in food animals is of growing concern and is subject to regulations globally. Creating screening methods for multiple analytes is more cost effective than dedicated methods for fewer analytes. This application shows the advantages of using the Thermo Scientific Accucore Vanquish C18 UHPLC 1.5 µm column and Vanquish UHPLC system for the analysis of thirty-six antibiotics.