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The VetDrugs Explorer Collection: screening and quantitation of multi-class veterinary drug residues in animal matrices with a comprehensive workflow solution

Instrument Type: LCMSMS

A robust, sensitive, and reliable multi-residue LC-MS/MS method workflow solution that uses the Thermo Scientific TSQ Altis triple quadrupole mass spectrometer provides analysis and quantitation of more than 160 veterinary drugs with the Thermo Scientific VetDrugs Explorer Collection solution in salmon (fillet), bovine muscle, and milk. The complete instrument and data processing method including SRM settings is included with the VetDrugs Explorer Collection start-to-finish workflow solution. In 17 minutes, the target veterinary drugs were detected and quantified in food matrices.

AN353: Rapid Determination of Sulfonamide Residues in Animal Tissue and Infant Food Containing Animal Products Using Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE)

Instrument Type: Automated Sample Prep

Veterinary drugs containing antimicrobial agents are often administered to livestock to treat or prevent disease and, at low levels, to promote growth in food-producing animals. Government agencies have discovered that some companies are abusing the use of these drugs, by administering them at higher than recommended levels to promote faster growth. This practice results in unwanted drug residues in meat and meat products eaten by humans. Sulfonamides are one class of antimicrobial agent used for that purpose. This AN shows that ASE can extract sulfonamides from meat and baby food with meat.

Determination of a Single Methodology for the Analysis and Quantitation of Multiclass Veterinary Drugs in Different Animal Matrices Used for Consumption

Instrument Type: LCMSMS

Veterinary drugs are pharmacologically active compounds that can result in non-desirable drug residues in the food chain. Animals with high amounts of these drugs can cause harm in humans or can render the use of antibiotics useless due to the counter effects of the drugs. The quantification of over 200 multi-class veterinary drugs from different meat products usually involves time consuming extraction methods with either SPE or LLE. We describe a robust method, utilizing a single LC-MS/MS run to quantitate over 200 veterinary drugs in a variety of matrices.

Rapid Screening Method for Veterinary Antibiotics Using an Advanced Solid Core UHPLC Column and UHPLC System with MS/MS Detection

Instrument Type: LCMSMS

There is increasing demand to provide rapid and selective screening techniques for a wide range of antibiotic drugs. Their abuse as a feed supplement in food animals is of growing concern and is subject to regulations globally. Creating screening methods for multiple analytes is more cost effective than dedicated methods for fewer analytes. This application shows the advantages of using the Thermo Scientific Accucore Vanquish C18 UHPLC 1.5 µm column and Vanquish UHPLC system for the analysis of thirty-six antibiotics.

Analysis of Sulfonamides in River Water using EQuan, an Online Concentration Analysis System

Instrument Type: LCMSMS

Sulfonamides are used widely as anti-inflammatory medications for humans and livestock, and have recently become compounds of interest to regulatory agencies worldwide. Triple stage quadrupole LC-MS systems are often used for highly sensitive quantitative analyses of environmental pollutants. Performance of the LC-MS and sample pre-treatment are 2 critical factors that determine efficiency and accuracy in detection of low concentrations of pollutants in environmental samples. We describe a method for the quantitative analysis of sulfonamide antibiotics using EQuan.