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AN72268: Determination of Fluoride in Tea using a Combustion Ion Chromatography System Be the first to rate this application


This application note demonstrates a simple combustion ion chromatography (CIC) method to determine fluoride in tea. Using the CIC system including a Mitsubishi Automatic Combustion Unit AQF-2100H system and a Thermo Scientific Dionex Integrion HPIC system, fluoride in tea is determined in 20 min (11 min if the combustion and chromatography functions are overlapped), a significant time savings over the current Chinese national method which requires more than a hour. The CIC method is sensitive (MDL=1 ppm), precise, and accurate. The only sample preparation required is to grind and dry the tea.
Market: Food and Beverage
Keywords: IonPac AS18-4μm, Small particle column, HPIC, RFIC, CIC, Integrion, U.S. EPA, China national standard, NY659-2003, NY/T 838-2004, TN72211, AN 72268
Matrix: Tea
Author: Hua Yang, Daniel Khor, and Jeff Rohrer
Affiliation: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA USA
Uploaded on 4/3/2017.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.