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AN338: Extraction of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contaminants (Diesel and Waste Oil) in Soils by ASE

Instrument Type: Automated Sample Prep

Underground storage tanks containing hydrocarbon-based fuels are found worldwide. Many of these tanks have leaks, allowing gasoline, diesel, oil, or other hydrocarbon materials to contaminate the surrounding soil. Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE) is an innovative sample preparation technique to achieve fast and efficient removal of analytes of interest from various matrices. This application note reports on the use of ASE for the extraction of diesel range organics (DRO), waste oil organics (WOO), and total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH, the sum of DRO and WOO) from soils.

CAN120: Determination of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Rubble and Soils by Accelerated Solvent Extraction and GC-FID

Instrument Type: GC

Recent advances in Accelerated Solvent Extraction systems, reduces the time spent on sample preparation prior to GC analysis. The method reported here is applicable to soils with a hydrocarbon content (HC)(>C12) between 25 and 4000 mg/kg and waste with a HC (C10-C40) between 50 and 8000 mg/kg expressed on a dry matter basis. All hydrocarbons with a boiling range of approximately 175 °C to 525 °C, e.g. n-alkanes from C10H22 to C40H82, isoalkanes, cycloalkanes, alkyl benzenes, alkyl naphthalenes, and polycyclic aromatic compounds are determined as total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH).