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AB137: Determination of Inorganic and Organic Acids in Apple and Orange Juice Samples Using Capillary IC

Instrument Type: IC

Determinations of organic acids in fruit juices are used by the beverage industry for flavor characterization, identification of spoilage, identification of adulteration by a less costly juice, and product labeling. In this study, inorganic anions and organic acids in diluted filtered apple and orange juice samples were determined on a Dionex IonSwift MAX-100 anion-exchange column using electrolytically generated hydroxide gradient from 0.1–65 mM KOH over 25 min at 15 μL/min.

AN143: Determination of Organic Acids in Fruit Juices

Instrument Type: IC

This application note shows how organic acids can be determined in fruit juices at low to high mg/L concentrations using a simple dilution, an IonPac AS11-HC, electrolytically generated eluent gradients, and suppressed conductivity detection. The fruit juices analyzed in this application note are orange, grape, apple, and cranberry.