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AN120: Determination of Calcium and Magnesium in Brine

Instrument Type: IC

To prevent membrane poisoning, new membrane technology in chlor-alkali cells requires feed brine that is relatively free of alkaline earth metals.This Application Note describes a method for determining low μg/L amounts of calcium and magnesium in a 30% sodium chloride brine by ion chromatography. A MetPac column is used to concentrate calcium and magnesium from the brine, which is then separated on an IonPac CS12A cation-exchange column and detected by suppressed conductivity detection. AU158 updates this method to achieve 10 ppb manganese by concentrating 10 times more sample.

AN277: Fast and Sensitive Determination of Transition Metals in Power Industry Waters Using Ion Chromatography

Instrument Type: IC

This study describes the separation of iron (III), copper (II), nickel (II), and zinc (II) complexes with PDCA followed by postcolumn PAR reaction and absorbance detection at 530 nm. Surrogate samples include spiked deionized (DI) water (Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) surrogate) and spiked borated water containing lithium hydroxide with or without added zinc (Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) surrogates).