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Separation of Oxidized and Deamidated Impurities from Rituximab by using Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (HIC)

Instrument Type: HPLC (Biocompatible)

The Thermo Scientific Dionex UltiMate 3000 LC Bio-LC system is applied for the Hydrophobic Interaction (HIC) analysis of Rituximab. The separation was performed on a Thermo Scientific MabPac HIC-20 column at UV detection of 214 nm. With a total run time of 38 minutes the method allows separation of all oxidized and deamidated impurities of Rituximab.

AU155: Determination of Cations and Amines in Hydrogen Peroxide by Ion Chromatography Using a RFIC (Reagent-Free) System

Instrument Type: IC

Hydrogen peroxide is an essential chemical in the fabrication of integrated circuit and microcircuit devices. Maximum allowable contaminate levels for semiconductor grade hydrogen peroxide can be as low as <100 ppt (ng/L) per individual inorganic cation. This application uses an IonPac CS17 column to determine trace cations and amines in hydrogen peroxide with a large-loop injection. The CS17 column separates amines without the organic solvent eluent modifier needed for separating amines when using older cation-exchange ion-chromatography (IC) columns.