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AN1163: Determination of Anions on the Surface of Printed Circuit Boards by IPC-TM-650 Method 2.3.28 using HPIC

Instrument Type: IC

Ion chromatography (IC) has become an important technique for the evaluation of ionic cleanliness. This application note describes an IC method using a Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ IonPac™ AS11-HC-4μm column and a Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ ICS-5000+ HPIC system to determine extractable anionic contaminants on the surface of PCBs, including inorganic anions and weak organic acids (WOAs) following the extraction procedure described in IPC-TM-650 Method 2.3.28. An ICS-6000 can be used for this application.

AU157: Using a Reagent-Free Ion Chromatography System to Monitor Trace Anion Contamination in the Extracts of Electronic Components

Instrument Type: IC

Dionex Application Note 153 (AN153) showed that ion chromatography (IC) successfully determines low μg/L and, for some analytes, high ng/L anions in extracts of electronic components. The IC method in AN153 separated 14 inorganic anions and organic acids on an IonPac AS17 column set after sample preconcentration. In this application update a hydroxide gradient program similar to, but faster than, the program used in AN153 separates a new set of 14 anions.

AN153: Monitoring for Trace Anion Contamination in the Extracts of Electronic Components.

Instrument Type: IC

This application note focuses on the determination of ionic contamination of disk drive components. A comprehensive anion analysis of drive components prior to manufacturing can significantly reduce the incidence of corrosion and head-to-disk interface failures. The anions most routinely monitored are fluoride, chloride, bromide, nitrate, sulfate, and phosphate. High-volume direct injection and preconcentration are the two methods used to increase IC sensitivity. This note describes the use of these approaches to determine trace anion contaminants in extracts of disk drive components.