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CAN120: Determination of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Rubble and Soils by Accelerated Solvent Extraction and GC-FID

Instrument Type: GC

Recent advances in Accelerated Solvent Extraction systems, reduces the time spent on sample preparation prior to GC analysis. The method reported here is applicable to soils with a hydrocarbon content (HC)(>C12) between 25 and 4000 mg/kg and waste with a HC (C10-C40) between 50 and 8000 mg/kg expressed on a dry matter basis. All hydrocarbons with a boiling range of approximately 175 °C to 525 °C, e.g. n-alkanes from C10H22 to C40H82, isoalkanes, cycloalkanes, alkyl benzenes, alkyl naphthalenes, and polycyclic aromatic compounds are determined as total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH).