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AN630: EPA Method 557 – Analysis of Haloacetic Acids, Dalapon, and Bromate in Drinking Water by IC-MS/MS: HAA9

Instrument Type: ICMS

Haloacetic acids (HAAs) are formed as disinfection byproducts when municipal chlorination processes react with naturally occurring brominated and chlorinated species. Five HAAs are currently regulated, whereas four others may be included in future regulations. Here we demonstrate the determinations of 0.02 to 0.1 ng/L (ppt) HAA9 concentrations using ion chromatography separations combined with tandem MS on a triple quadrupole mass spectrometry.

AN183: Determination of Biogenic Amines in Fermented and Non-Fermented Foods Using Ion Chromatography with Suppressed Conductivity & Integrated Pulsed Amperometric Detections.

Instrument Type: IC

The IonPac CS18, a polymeric weak acid cationexchange column, was used to separate biogenic amines in a variety of fermented and non-fermented food samples, with detection by IPAD, suppressed conductivity, and UV. The described method uses a simple electrolytically generated MSA eluent without requiring the use of solvents or aggressive eluent systems that have previously been reported. In addition, the method results in good precision and recovery over a wide range of sample matrices and avoids the need for complex and long derivatization procedures.