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CAN118: Determination of Trace Sodium in Diesel and Biodiesel Fuel

Instrument Type: IC

Sodium determination in diesel fuel using inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) is possible; limits of detection are ~0.1 ppm. The goal of this study was to develop and test an alternate approach using IC for the determination of cations in diesel fuel. The approach focused on the use of commercially available modules and existing standard chromatographic conditions. The challenge was to design an automated, cost-effective, fast, and sensitive method that can provide 10–100 times greater sensitivity than ICP-OES method and does not require manual extraction steps.

AN1003: Determination of Trace Sodium in Cranberry Powder

Instrument Type: IC

Cranberry powder contains organic acids, proanthocyanidins, and polyphenols. Organic acids in cranberries impart flavors and their specific ratios can be used to detect adulteration. Although inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES) is the most common approach for determining nutritional elements in cranberry powder, ion chromatography (IC) is a feasible alternate approach. In addition to determining sodium in cranberry powder, IC can also be used to determine other important components that cannot be determined by ICP-OES (e.g., organic acids).