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AU158: Determination of Manganese in Brine

Instrument Type: IC

Sodium chloride brines are used in chlor-alkali cells and must have low concentrations of alkali and alkaline earth metals to prevent membrane poisoning. When brines are prepared from seawater, the manganese concentration is also a concern. This application update uses the same separation conditions as AN 120, but alters the online sample preparation with the MetPac column to effectively concentrate manganese from 10 times more sample than used in AN 120.

AN101: Trace Level Determination of Bromate in Ozonated Drinking Water Using Ion Chromatography.

Instrument Type: IC

This application note reports the development of a modified IC method that significantly improves the method detection limits for bromate by sample preconcentration. This method is consistent with the proposed American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) method for bromate. A weak borate eluent is used to elute the concentrated anions through the analytical column where they are separated & through the suppressed conductivity detector, they are quantified. Today we would use an approach that does not require sample preparation such as that in AN167.