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AU155: Determination of Cations and Amines in Hydrogen Peroxide by Ion Chromatography Using a RFIC (Reagent-Free) System

Instrument Type: IC

Hydrogen peroxide is an essential chemical in the fabrication of integrated circuit and microcircuit devices. Maximum allowable contaminate levels for semiconductor grade hydrogen peroxide can be as low as <100 ppt (ng/L) per individual inorganic cation. This application uses an IonPac CS17 column to determine trace cations and amines in hydrogen peroxide with a large-loop injection. The CS17 column separates amines without the organic solvent eluent modifier needed for separating amines when using older cation-exchange ion-chromatography (IC) columns.

AN1054: Determination of Ammonia in Tobacco Smoke

Instrument Type: IC

The application describes an IC method that achieves better resolution between ammonium and other amines for the determination of ammonia in tobacco smoke. The IC method uses a Dionex IonPac CS19 column set with electrolytically generated MSA gradient. The moderately high capacity of the Dionex IonPac CS19 column allows sample analysis without dilution. The method has high precisions (RSD <0.2% for retention time and <1% for peak area), a low detection limit (0.01 mg/L), and good recoveries (86–115%).

Faster analyss of NBD derivatives of volatile alkylamines using a Thermo Scientific Acclaim C30 HPLC column

Instrument Type: HPLC

The Thermo Scientific Acclaim C30 resolved four common volatile amines with simple, isocratic reversed phase conditions. In this case, 4-chloro, 7-nitro, 1,2,3-benzoxadiazole (NBD-chloride) reacts with amines in the trap, to produce a highly-colored, fluorescent derivative. The unreacted reagent elutes at 5 minutes and does not interfere with the analytes of interest. This new method is compatible with four existing methods (OSHA Methods 34, 36, 40 and 41), while providing improved peak shape and faster analysis time.