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AN002771 LC-MS/MS analysis of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in soil samples in accordance with EPA Method 1633: semi-automated solid phase extraction cleanup Be the first to rate this application

pfas epa 1633 semiautomated cleanup lcmsms


PFAS workflows are continuously being developed to meet evolving testing requirements for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) worldwide. This work describes that workflow by leveraging the Dionex AutoTrace 280 PFAS SPE instrument to automate the soil sample solid-phase extraction (SPE) cleanup stage that is described in EPA Method 1633.
Market: Environmental
Keywords: Acclaim, Hypersil GOLD, SPE, PFOA, PFOS, AutoTrace 280, PFAS, EPA Method 1633, PFHpS, PFHxS, PFTrDA, PFDA, PFNA, PFHpA, PFDoA, AN 002771, AN00771, HFPOA-DA, N-EtFOSA, N-EtFOSE, NFDHA, N-MeFOSA, N-MeFOSE, PFBA, PFBS, PFDoS, PFDS, PFEESA, PFHxA, PFMBA, PFMPA, PFNS, PFOSA, PFPeA, PFPeS, PFTeDA, PFUdA, semi-automated solid phase extraction
Matrix: Soil samples
Author: Cynthia Grim1, Kevin McHale2, and Toby Astill1
Affiliation: 1Thermo Fisher Scientific, San Jose, CA. 2Thermo Fisher Scientific, Somerset, NJ
Uploaded on 4/12/2024.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.