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Automated and high-throughput derivatization for FAMEs analysis in vegetable oils and animal fats Be the first to rate this application

automated highthroughput derivatization for fames analysis vegetable oils animal fats


The aim of this study is to demonstrate the suitability of an automated sample preparation workflow for the derivatization of fatty acids in edible oils and animal fats using a Thermo Scientific™ TriPlus™ RSH SMART Robotic Sampler Handler autosampler.
Market: Food and Beverage
Keywords: Edible oils, FID, GC, Automated sample preparation, Fatty acids, Flame Ionization Detection, Gas Chromatography, animal fats, fatty acid methyl-esters (FAMEs), TriPlus RSH SMART
Matrix: Edible oils
Author: Silvia Tagliabue[[1]], Pierangela Rovellini[[1]], Giulia Riccardino[[2]], Cavagnino Daniela[[2]], and Daniel Kutscher[[3]]
Affiliation: [[1]] Innovhub-SSOG, Milan, IT, [[2]] Thermo Fisher Scientific, Milan, IT, [[3]] Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bremen, DE
Uploaded on 7/28/2022.