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Molecular weight determination of fat-soluble polymer epoxy resin and methyl silicone oil by GPC (脂溶性聚合物环氧树脂和甲基硅油GPC分子量测定) Be the first to rate this application

molecular weight determination fatsoluble polymer epoxy resin methyl silicone oil by gpc 脂溶性聚合物环氧树脂和甲基硅油gpc分子量测定


In this paper, the molecular weight of epoxy resin and methyl silicone oil was calculated by using the GPC template based on thermofisher chromeleon software. The method is simple and reliable, which is suitable for the quality control of these two fat-soluble polymers.
Market: Chemical
Keywords: epoxy resin, Fat soluble polymer, GPC, methyl silicone oil, molecular weight
Matrix: N/A
Author: xingguo.liu; liang.xiong; jianming.cao; yan.jin
Affiliation: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Uploaded on 6/9/2022.

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