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Analysis of characteristic atlas and content determination of traditional Chinese medicine granule by CAD (电雾式检测器(CAD)在中药配方颗粒特征图谱与含量测定 中的应用) Be the first to rate this application

analysis characteristic atlas content determination traditional chinese medicine granule by cad 电雾式检测器(cad)在中药配方颗粒特征图谱与含量测定 中的应用


Based on the complex composition of Traditional Chinese medicine and the difficulty in detecting non-uv absorbing substances, this paper studied the characteristic spectrum and content determination items of different Chinese medicine formula granules by CAD detector. The practical detection effect of CAD detector and its application value in the field of Chinese medicine formula granules were discussed.
Market: Pharma
Keywords: CAD, Characteristic map, Content determination, traditional Chinese medicine granule
Matrix: traditional Chinese medicine granule
Author: zeshan.leng; ruiping.chai; liangji.ran; yan.jin
Affiliation: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Uploaded on 6/9/2022.

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