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AN22021: Determination of lithium salt and its additives in electrolytes by chemical suppression IC with DCR mode (AN22021: 置换化学抑制-离子色谱法测定电解液中锂盐及锂盐添加剂的含量) Be the first to rate this application

an22021 determination lithium salt its additives electrolytes by chemical suppression ic with dcr mode an22021 置换化学抑制离子色谱法测定电解液中锂盐及锂盐添加剂的含量


In this application note, a “just power on” solution is described for the determination of lithium salt and its additives. The Displacement Chemical Regeneration (DCR) mode uses effluent from the conductivity cell to drive the regenerant into the regenerant chamber of the suppressor. This solution performs well on a Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS-600 system, and operation in the laboratory can be simplified with a “just power on” IC system. This application is suitable for a cost-efficient analysis in the lithium battery industry.
Market: Energy
Keywords: Dionex IonPac ACRS500(4mm), ICS - 600, Electrolyte, 电解液, Lithium batteries, Lithium salt, Lithium salt additive, Methyl ethyl carbonate, 锂电池, 锂盐, 锂盐添加剂, 碳酸甲乙酯, DCR, Just Power on, 待机, 置换体积自循环再生
Matrix: lithium battery electrolyte, 锂电池电解液
Author: Guoquan.Wu(吴国权); Hongguo.Zheng(郑洪国); Jie chen(陈洁)
Affiliation: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Uploaded on 4/13/2022.

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